No Longer Active: Read The History & Next Projects

Jason Zook (formerly Jason Sadler, Jason Headsetsdotcom, and Jason SurfrApp) is the founder of IWearYourShirt.

You read that correctly, IWearYourShirt is no longer an active company.

From January 1, 2009 to May 6, 2013, IWearYourShirt (aka IWYS) was actively promoting businesses through t-shirt wearing and promotion on social media.

IWearYourShirt is not active at the moment. There are no paid shirt wearing opportunities and no availability for businesses to be promoted. View Jason's most recent projects.

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Why is IWYS no longer active?

For over five years IWYS worked with 1,600+ small businesses, Fortune 500s, authors, non-profit organizations, food retailers, service companies, and many more.

During that time Jason and the multiple shirt wearers that worked for him created thousands of videos, photos, posts on social media, and had countless media outlets talk about IWYS. In 2013 Jason decided IWYS had grabbed its moment in Internet history and moved on to new projects.

The Today Show visited Jason in his home in Florida. Spending time in his closet and interviewing him for a segment called “They get paid for that?”

After the first year of IWYS sold out, CBS Evening News spent hours in Jason’s closet talking about the unique business he’d created in his closet.

Jason was asked by Forbes to share the store of IWYS in his own words as a part of a segment titled “How I Did It.” You can also listen to Jason tell his story below.

Hear Jason tell the IWYS story

Morgan Freeman wasn’t available, so Jason stepped up to tell the IWearYourShirt story in this short ten minute audio clip:

What is Jason up to now?

Jason spends the majority of his time writing and working on projects at His current focus is helping entrepreneurs and creative professionals take action and make money doing what they love.


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